Emerging designers

Working with designers for their lookbooks is one of my favorite type of jobs, collaborations and editorials. I must say that I’m personally fascinated with fashion designers and the way they think.

One of my favorite cases is my collab with Mimi Miller in which we tried to play Zara and incorporate movement and fun for her Instagram posts and stories.

We ended up booking a very artistic model Anastasia from Kingsley Model + Talent Manegement, who we already worked with before, so we knew it will be a good match for this shoot. The agreement was that we shoot a simple, white background, catalogue looking project. I brought props which we ended up not using, because we didn’t like how this looked like.

Normally I find this type of shoot awkward for both the model and myself, because there is nothing for the model to interact with. The photographer has to really carry on with the mood and make a good connection with everyone on set, so that people don’t feel intimidated or unsure of what they are trying to achieve.

My main lessons and advices for this type of shoot are following:

  1. Make sure the model has the skill. Do a test shoot if needed.

  2. Prepare the moodboard, the mood request for the model (which emotions she need to show), and music.

  3. Get the designer on set with you, they will keep an eye on the product, they know the pieces and the fabric. If they can not attend - get a stylist and send the designer updates, so they see the outtakes.

  4. Make and save behind the scenes videos and pictures, all of you will be posting this (this crazy social media era, right?).

  5. Remember that the lookbook is more about the feeling and idea, and how the viewer reacts to the images. Whether the catalogue is about showing the clothes from different angles so the potential buyers can make a more informed decision. By mixing these two together, like Zara does, you have to be careful not to loose both aspects and shoot both “moodcreating” and “showcasing” images.