Lunch with a Girlfriend

This case is a project, that we work on with the author of Lunch with a Girlfriend - and enjoy it very much, because it’s one of these rare cases of a client being your perfect.

I believe that for a relationship with a client that will last longer than one shoot-decision-publishing cycle you need to be able to communicate the edits and corrections and work together to build better results on the next cycle. Author of Lunch with a girlfriend, Sapna, is very good at communicating the things she likes and, when you get a client like this, you know you both can see, what is the result you’re going for.



Immediate feedback on set is the key to a successful project. You don’t want to hide your camera from your client on set. It’s always easier to correct anything on set then in post.

For example, when we were shooting the photo above, Sapna noticed that she was slouching a little bit, so she fixed this and I kept an eye on her back. This is as simple as this example - the tiny details are important and you, as a photographer, being focused on the framing and light might not notice something, but you’re client will.

Ask your blogger client questions:

  1. What do they want to showcase? Get a list, come up with the order of shooting that list

  2. How do they want to use the pictures for each theme you’re working on? Is it for instagram only? Website banner? For being used everywhere and anywhere? It’s always easier to shoot the upper web-site promo image in landscape, then try to crop the portrait oriented pic later.

  3. Do they need closeups or just general images? What if they want to showcase something closer? Will they have to crop a full body shot to show a bag? This won’t look good.

Plan in advance, prepare for you location, for your client and their story, do most of the work before the shoot and be aware of the details. Don't shut yourself from feedback.